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Walls. These seemingly for-functional-purposes-only elements of architecture can often become so much more. Right from my early years, when I was growing up in Kolkata (India), I have been attracted to "art" on the walls of the city. As I traveled across the country with my parents, all kinds of writings and artwork on the walls of every place I visited always caught my attention. A lot of the walls in India are usually plastered with political slogans, posters of movies, training centers, herbal medicines, etc. besides the wide array of gods and goddesses that were painted in bright colours. These walls were a reflection of the times and ways of life of the people living in that town or city. As the world around them changed, the "art" on the walls changed as well. Unfortunately, I was too young then and didn't have a camera. If I did have a camera, I would have accumulated a wonderful collection of wall photos from all over India. Well, maybe some day I will get the chance to make it happen! :)

Many years later, when I came to Japan, most of the walls I saw were pretty bland... even boring. With time, as I explored the country a bit more, I realised that I was actually not looking at the walls here in the right way. My eyes were still used to what they had seen in India... and were probably trying to look for more of the same here as well. Once I got a decent camera and seriously started pursuing my passion for photography, things changed. Spending time with some amazing photographers also allowed me to change my point of view... literally... and lo and behold, I was seeing interesting and artistic walls everywhere I went!

Over the last 2 years or so, I have taken an avid interest in capturing many of these interesting walls through my photographs and this gallery is an evolving compilation of some of my favourites. Hope you enjoy looking at them. :)


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